Many small businesses make the mistake of hiring a tax professional years after starting their business to avoid additional expenditure. But this can cost a lot more in the long run. Proper filing of taxes is essential for a financially sound future.

At Padgett Business Services, we specialize in sorting the complex and challenging task of taxes to minimize liability. Our professionals have a strong knowledge of all aspects of taxation and competently handle your income tax, payroll tax, sales tax, or any other tax for that matter, in an accurate and organized way. We help you navigate the tax rules of different provinces and government requirements.

  • We deliver completed tax forms on the scheduled deadline.
  • We expertly prepare thousands of personal income tax returns quickly and efficiently.
  • We are dedicated to offering both small and medium-sized businesses a high level of service and tailored solutions, long-term. 
  • If you have letters from the CRA, we can help. 

Let us help you figure things out and avoid issues like accidental tax evasion that can cost you later. 

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