Paytrak Payroll Services

Around the early 1990s, it became apparent to us, as small business experts, that there should be a better way for smaller companies to process their payroll. As large payroll companies often ignore or under-service these companies, our clients looked to us to help solve this issue. And with that, Paytrak Payroll Services was born!

Paytrak is our full-service payroll provider that’s been geared specifically towards helping small business owners. With state of the is technology, affordable service rates and personalized customer service, we’re the number one small business payroll company from coast to coast.

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Paytrak Protect

With affordable dental protection and healthcare for both you and your staff, available to our Paytrak Payroll clients, we offer the same professional and reliable service that our Paytrak Payroll customers receive. Those offers include:

  • Any one of our three levels of benefit protection
  • Coverage for staff members over 70-years-old
  • Guaranteed acceptance without a medical questionnaire
  • A flexible shared contribution percentage for business owners.

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